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Kindred Spirit
Development Circle

the website is currently under construction please bear with us.

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Kindred Spirit is an Organisation thats aims are to bring Spiritual Awareness to the public using many different schools of thought and spiritual techniques.
It was founded by Margaret McKimm in 1998 a Trance/Physical Medium from Port Glasgow who wanted to help develop the gifts of others, shes is now the president of Psychic, Spiritual and Mediumistic Development in the Scottish Academy of Spiritual Energy Studies.
Kindred Spirit run a Clairvoyance Meeting, giving demonstrations of Mediumship in a Spiritual Church format, however the group is open to every belief system and religion.

The Clairvoyance Meeting runs 7pm onwards every Tuesday in the Scottish Academy of Spiritual Energy Studies 40 Westblackhall St Greenock.

Our Mission is to open the hearts of minds of people to know they never walk their pathway alone, that they are guided by friends and family in spirit.